48,000 claimants on 3 year sanctions!

48,000 claimants on 3 year sanctions! 400,000 been sanctioned. Enough is enough!


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November 7, 2013 · 11:40 am

They are having a laugh!

They are having a laugh!

From a dwp office in Manchester. This is legit. Time to fight back.

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November 1, 2013 · 4:44 pm


An excellent blog from a claimant in Brum.

The Flight of the Kakapo

Universal Credit – Reasons to be Tearful.

A compendium of comment, analysis, advice, information, and the government’s  doubleplusgood press releases on Universal Credit 


The nature of this blog will in some way be defined by my technical inability to refine it as I might like, so, new stuff will be inserted at the top, in the “Breaking, Breaking, This Just In” section till it becomes old stuff. I will try to keep what I see as the most informative and important items for claimants fixed after that at the start. This will inevitably lead to a fractured narrative flow but hopefully it will still be a helpful resource for anyone trying to negotiate their way through Universal Credit, a government initiative  that has every chance of becoming one of the most monumental welfare cluster fucks of the modern era.

The Legislation:


Breaking, Breaking, This Just In:

duncan smith polly

Children’s Society…

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Good blog on PCS member and Socialist party attack on Boycott Workfare and Claimants.


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Not impressed with the SP.


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At last! Most mobile companies now won’t charge when you call 0800 dwp numbers.

At last! Most mobile companies now won't charge when you call 0800 dwp numbers.

0800 calls from Mobiles now free to DWP with most Mobile phone providers. About time. Companies should be ashamed with themselves.

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October 17, 2013 · 12:56 pm

WTF!- this is from the DWP website/gov website.


We are changing the appeals process so that more DWP decisions that claimants disagree with can be resolved without being sent to HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS).

We want to prevent disputes. But if disputes occur, we want to resolve them as simply as possible and learn from them. From April 2013, we began to introduce changes which were part of the Welfare Reform Act 2012.

What are the changes?

There are 3 changes:

  • DWP will reconsider all decisions before an appeal
  • appeals must be sent directly to HMCTS
  • time limits for DWP to return responses to HMCTS

DWP will reconsider all decisions before an appeal

DWP will reconsider all decisions before an appeal. This means that if someone disputes a decision, they will need to ask DWP to reconsider the decision before they can appeal to HMCTS. This is known as ‘mandatory reconsideration’. The change aims to make sure that people understand the decision and encourage them to provide additional evidence earlier in the process. Resolving disputes without the need for an appeal should also help make sure that people receive the right decision earlier in the process.

Mandatory reconsideration will also include a new telephone call from DWPfor most benefits. For Personal Independence Payment and Employment and Support Allowance, a decision maker already phones the claimant to explain certain decisions. If the decision maker’s attempt to contact the claimant by phone is unsuccessful, and the claimant disagrees with the decision, they will now phone them again to talk it through.

For other benefits, if someone disagrees with a decision, the decision maker will phone them. The new call will be an opportunity for them to talk it through. During the call, they will receive a full explanation of the decision and be asked to provide any additional evidence that may help their case.

Appeals must be sent directly to HMCTS

After DWP has reconsidered a decision, if someone still disputes the decision and wishes to appeal, they must send their appeal directly to HMCTS. This is known as ‘direct lodgement’. It brings the process for social security and child maintenance appeals into line with other major subjects handled byHMCTS.

Time limits for DWP to return responses to HMCTS

DWP has agreed to the request of the Tribunal Procedure Committee to introduce time limits for DWP to return appeal responses to HMCTSDWPhas agreed to provide an appeal response within 28 calendar days in benefits cases and within 42 calendar days in child maintenance cases.

When will these changes be introduced?

We introduced all 3 changes for Personal Independence Payment and Universal Credit in April 2013. Towards the end of October 2013 we will introduce mandatory reconsideration, direct lodgement and time limits for all other DWP benefits and child maintenance cases. We will begin to report performance against the time limits from October 2014.


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