48,000 claimants on 3 year sanctions!

48,000 claimants on 3 year sanctions! 400,000 been sanctioned. Enough is enough!


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November 7, 2013 · 11:40 am

One response to “48,000 claimants on 3 year sanctions!

  1. omozele

    Roger godsiff MP has registered an EARLY DAY MOTION 686 worth following and hopefully other MP’s can be encouraged to sponsor this

    Early day motion 686
    • Session: 2013-14
    • Date tabled: 06.11.2013
    • Primary sponsor: Godsiff, Roger
    • Sponsors:
    That this House notes with concern reports that Sparkhill Jobcentre in Birmingham hands out unusually high levels of sanctions; further notes reports that people have inappropriately been given jobseeker’s directions, which are supposed to be only for people with a history of non-compliance; further notes that the practice of making people attend 8.15am appointments and then sanctioning them for a few minutes’ lateness was stopped after it generated negative publicity; calls on the Government to fully investigate reports of unfair practices at this jobcentre; draws to the Government’s attention cases from around the country of people being sanctioned, even though they informed their jobcentre that they needed to rearrange an appointment to attend a job interview, training appointment or family funeral; urges the Government to consider how people who want to work are supposed to travel to job interviews, maintain a smart appearance or even feed themselves if the income they rely on to survive is removed for such reasons; and calls on the Government to use all effective means possible to dramatically reduce the inappropriate use of an increasingly oppressive sanctions regime that seeks to penalise rather than encourage an effective route back into work.

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