An excellent blog from a claimant in Brum.

The Flight of the Kakapo

Universal Credit – Reasons to be Tearful.

A compendium of comment, analysis, advice, information, and the government’s  doubleplusgood press releases on Universal Credit 


The nature of this blog will in some way be defined by my technical inability to refine it as I might like, so, new stuff will be inserted at the top, in the “Breaking, Breaking, This Just In” section till it becomes old stuff. I will try to keep what I see as the most informative and important items for claimants fixed after that at the start. This will inevitably lead to a fractured narrative flow but hopefully it will still be a helpful resource for anyone trying to negotiate their way through Universal Credit, a government initiative  that has every chance of becoming one of the most monumental welfare cluster fucks of the modern era.

The Legislation:


Breaking, Breaking, This Just In:

duncan smith polly

Children’s Society…

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